How can NGRAVE recover my GRAPHENE upper plate?

As an additional service in case of disaster, we offer the possibility to recover your GRAPHENE top plate:
In the article below we want to explain how this works from a technical point of view.

Every GRAPHENE upper plate is unique and scrambled for every user, using the input of 2 keys. One of these keys is a unique 8-character recovery code and is printed on the top plate. This is something you should keep somewhere safe, like in your password manager. 

NGRAVE keeps a hashed record of this recovery key along with the other key. 

In case you would lose your top plate, you can order a recovery in our webshop. If possible, use the same email address as your original purchase. After this we will reach out to share your 8-character recovery code. By combining this code with our records, NGRAVE is able to recreate your unique upper plate configuration again for you.

Again, this recovery service should be considered as an extra feature. It should not prevent you from storing your GRAPHENE plates in such a way that you would hopefully never need it.

Please also note that the bottom plate cannot be recovered by NGRAVE. You can create your own backup on an extra GRAPHENE bottom plate.

More about the recovery procedure

How do I know this procedure is safe?

We don’t store your recovery key, only a hash so we can verify you send us the correct recovery key. The only way to recreate your top plate is with both keys. So NGRAVE can only do this when you send us the recovery key. 

Even if our records get compromised, this reveals no information about your top plate configuration. If you don’t trust us to do as we say, know that even having the full top plate gives no information at all about your key.

So why doesn't NGRAVE just save your upper plate configuration? 

In case our records get compromised there is no useful information without the recovery key, which is in the hands of the user.  And we don't want users to be forced to have to trust us.

Can I opt out of this? 

Yes. You can send us a request via mail at, using the same email address that you used to order.