How to verify your Perfect Key backup

This feature was added in firmware 1.5
If you set up your wallet before this version and you have never verified your backup, we strongly recommend to do this now.

“You don’t have a backup, unless you’ve verified that it works”

Having a backup of your wallet is a crucial part of keeping your crypto safe. But it is equally important to ensure that your backup is correct, otherwise it might be completely useless if you ever need it.

How do you verify your backup?

To start the verification process on your ZERO, go to Settings →Display secret key and confirm with your PIN code and, if so configured, your fingerprint.

Then select NGRAVE wallet and tap Make or verify your backup.

In the next screen select Verify your existing backup and then choose between Use paper backup and Use GRAPHENE. Now you can fill in all the characters of your backup.

As soon as you enter a character that doesn’t match with your wallet, you’ll get an error message. Click on the Correct error button to reveal which character it should be.


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