Swapping is a process where you exchange one crypto for another. Simmilar to exchanging Dollars for Euros. You send a swap partner one type of crypto, and they return another of your choosing.

We'll work with a 3rd party provider, Changelly, to enable swapping in the LIQUID app. This will only be possible with the following coins: XRP, BTC, BNB, ETH, LTC, XLM and all ERC20 tokens.

Even though Changelly is positioned as a cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t require revealing identities, as a regulated third-party they can put your swap transaction on hold and require a KYC check. 

In this case, you will be guided to submit your KYC application using the form provided on Changelly's website. You can find it under the status of your transaction. Please note that your funds might be held until the KYC check is completed.