3. When will I have my wallet?

We expect to start world-wide delivery in Q4 of 2021 and fulfill every pre-order chronologically. As of september 2021, we are finalizing the firmware and setting up the production environment. Your security is our main priority and we will never jeopardize this by shipping too early.

We have a detailed and transparent status update page where we go much more in detail on both progress and challenges: https://www.ngrave.io/shipping-update 
We try to give transparent insights every 8/9 days about progress.

Have you moved since you ordered?
That's not a problem. Once we are preparing your package, you'll receive an email to confirm your shipping address. Your ZERO is reserved for you and won’t be sent to anyone else. At this point you still have the chance to update your address if you have moved since. Besides that, may can always notify us about your address change via support@ngrave.io.

Also know that you can request a cancellation and full refund via support@ngrave.io at any time if you don’t wish to wait any longer. No questions asked.

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