When will I receive my package?

All orders will be shipped in waves and in chronological order. You can monitor the order processing status at any time on our shipment update page → ngrave.io/shipping-update.
The counter on the shipping update page will increase when the shipping address confirmation mails (see below) are sent for those order numbers. That way you will know when to expect your confirmation mail .

The timing of delivery depends on when you ordered.

  • Batch ZERO: All pre-orders made via Indiegogo and our website, placed between July 2020 and October 2021, have been processed. If you placed your order during that period, you should have received a shipping address confirmation mail.
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  • Batch ONE: Orders placed during the exclusive opening of the shop on Feb 18th of 2022 will be shipped as of June 2022.
  • Current batch: Orders placed after the reopening of the webshop on March 29th of 2022 will be shipped as of September 2022.

These are the steps of the shipping process:

  1. When your order is prepared and ready to go, you will receive an email from shipping@ngrave.io to confirm your delivery address. If your address is not correct, please contact us at shipping@ngrave.io.
  2. Once you confirm your address, we will ship your package within 3 business days. Within 48hrs after that, you will receive a tracking link from the carrier.
  3. Your package should arrive in 1-7 business days after shipment, largely depending on the time it takes to clear customs.
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