Can I convert the NGRAVE "Perfect Key" to 24 words?

Yes. The hexadecimal “Perfect Key” can easily be converted into the 24-words version and vice versa. Both are alternative representations of a 256-bit private key.

  • On the ZERO, you can easily see both versions. Go to SettingsDisplay secret key, enter your PIN code and then select Mnemonic or NGRAVE wallet.
  • If you need to do the conversion yourself, you can use this tool: 
There is always a risk that your communication is intercepted or the website logs your private key data, which might result in your funds being stolen. You should always download this tool and run it on your own computer. Best practice is that your backup is never entered on a computer. So only use this tool when you need to. We recommend to move your funds to a new wallet afterwards to preserve optimal security.

How can you a convert between formats?

In short, using the Coleman tool boils down to this:

  • Download the tool to your computer and open it.
  • To convert from mnemonic words to hexadecimal format, fill in the field  'BIP39 Mnemonic' and tick 'Show entropy details'.
    The hexadecimal format is in the field 'Entropy'.
  • To convert from hexadecimal format to mnemonic words, tick 'Show entropy details' first and only then fill in the field  'Entropy' . The 24 words format is in the field 'BIP39 Mnemonic'.

We'll go through each step in more detail below.

1. Download the tool
  • You can download the Ian Coleman BIP39 tool from his Github page: 
  • You need the file 'bip39-standalone.html' under 'assets'. This is the direct link:
    Download it to a location on your computer.
  • Open the file you just downloaded.
    You can just double click on the html file and it will open in a browser.
    In the address bar you can see that you are using the tool on your local device: the address bar shows the path to your local version instead of the tool's website.
    At this point, you may even disconnect your computer from the internet. The .html file runs 100% local on your machine.

You can get familiar with the tool by generating a random 24 word seed. The button to do this is in the 2nd paragraph of the page. 

Create a random seed to get familiar with he tool

2. To convert from mnemonic words to hexadecimal format
  1. Fill in the mnemonic words in the field 'BIP39 Mnemonic'.
  2. Tick the checkbox 'Show entropy details'.
    Make sure you only do this after you've filled in your mnemonic words. 
    A box will slide open with a bunch of new fields. Leave everything as it is.
  3. The hexadecimal format is in the field 'Entropy'.
    This is the "Perfect Key" version of your 256-bit master seed. You can add the spaces every 8 characters yourself to get the format of 8 x 8 characters we use for the "Perfect Key"

Convert your mnemonic words to the hexadecimal format in 3 easy steps

3. To convert from hexadecimal format to mnemonic words
  1. Tick the checkbox 'Show entropy details'
    A box will slide open with a bunch of new fields. Leave everything as it is. 
  2. Fill in the hexadecimal key in the field 'Entropy'. 
  3. The mnemonic word seed will then be displayed in the field 'BIP39 Mnemonic'. This mnemonic seed can be imported into other BIP39-compatible wallets.

Convert your hexadecimal key to the mnemonic words format in 3 easy steps