Where does the NGRAVE logo come from?

The NGRAVE logo stands for a myriad of things. But first and foremost, it stands for the coldest.

If you look closer (and especially when on a lighter background), you will notice it consists of three parts. Together, they make up an ice crystal: a symbol of what is the coldest of all. That absolute ZERO degrees Kelvin.

But that's not where it ends. The total shape clearly shows the head of our embossing pen, the part that actually engraves your key in the GRAPHENE.

The logo is also about how the three parts work together to protect your key: the middle part is encapsulated in what is the full diamond of the logo: it protects your secrets.

Then, if you look at the colors, from that blueish on the bottom to the golden yellow on the top, how from the extreme cold your key can come up right there in the clear, sign a transaction, and subsequently disappear.

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