Demo: Add or hide accounts on your wallet dashboard

If you have a lot of coins and accounts, you might feel your screen is cluttered with too much information. You can tailor your wallet to your personal preference by hiding or unhiding any account you want. Hiding an account will not delete it, only hide it from your view. You will need to do this both on your ZERO and in the LIQUID app.

Hide accounts on ZERO

To hide an account on ZERO, simply navigate to that coin and click Hide account on the account you want to hide. To unhide an account go to SettingsHidden accounts. Tap the eye icon next to the account you want to unhide, and tap Unhide

Hide accounts on LIQUID

To hide an account on the LIQUID app, tap the coin to reveal the addresses and swipe the address you want to hide to the left. An icon will appear to hide the account.

To unhide an account, goto SettingsHidden accounts and tap the eye icon.

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