Demo: sending transactions

Always verify transactions before signing

Before you sign any transaction, it is important that you make sure that the transaction details on ZERO match those on the LIQUID app.

You can only initiate a transaction on the LIQUID app, not on the ZERO. The ZERO is completely offline, and thus unaware of your balances.

There are four steps in sending a transaction:

1. Make a transaction request in the LIQUID app

In the LIQUId app, select the coin and account from which you want to make a transaction, and click the Send button. Then make a transaction request by filling in the transaction details and tap Confirm.

  1. First, make sure the account you want to send from is the correct one.
  2. Now input the amount. You can also select Send all to profile the maximum amount you can send.
  3. Enter the recipients address by either pasting it in the Recipient field or by scanning the QR-code.
  4. For some coins you can change the transaction fee.This is the transaction cost you want to pay to get the transaction through.
  5. After confirming, the app will show an overview of all transaction details in text format. Make sure all information is correct.
    You’ll also see a scannable QR-code format of the transaction signature request. In the next step, you will need to scan this transaction with your ZERO.
2. Scan the QR code generated by the LIQUID app, with the ZERO.

To open the camera, either tap on the blue scan icon in the right top of the dashboard, or tap on the coin you want to send funds from and tap Send.

You can now scan the QR-code on your app with your ZERO, which will display all the transaction details.

3. Verify the transaction before signing it with your ZERO

Important! Verify the transaction details on your ZERO screen. It is important that you make sure that they match with the details on your LIQUID app.

If everything is correct, you can sign the transaction request offline with your PIN and, if required by your settings, fingerprint.

You will now see the signed transaction in the form of a QR-code on your ZERO.

4. Scan the QR code generated by the ZERO, with the LIQUID app.

Tap on the Scan button in the LIQUID app and scan the QR code of the signed transaction displayed by the ZERO.

Your transaction is now broadcasted by the app to the blockchain. The LIQUID app will show you the transaction hash.