Why the name NGRAVE?

The name NGRAVE stands for a number of things (and our logo colors it up even more). But let's keep in mind that the most important thing in the whole blockchain world, and also the root of all hacks and problems, can be found in cryptography, and more specifically in the private key.

The private key is the one piece of information that, if stolen or lost, will result in the loss of your funds forever. That's why we "engrave" the key in a solution where it can never be lost: we make your key on the spot with you, offline, so no one can ever know your key.

Then you engrave it in our GRAPHENE everlasting, extremely resilient backup plates. No fire, flood or worse can destroy your key.

And even if you lose your plates, we invented an ingenious way to recover them without third parties getting their hands on your key.

To truly NGRAVE what is yours, and yours alone.

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