Roadmap FAQ

At you can get an overview of features we are currently working on and upcoming features that are currently planned and in research. Below, are some more details about the features that are in progress. 


Will I need to create a new wallet or private key to use a passphrase?
No, you can keep your current wallet. There is no need to wipe it to use the passphrase feature. Each passphrase you add will create a new wallet and set of addresses, so you can just transfer your funds to your password-protected wallet(s).

>> Also see: Can I add a passphrase to the NGRAVE "Perfect Key"?

For which actions will the password be required?
A passphrase is only required to open your passphrase-protected wallet. You can do this via settings >> Passphrase.

Can I import a passphrase-protected seed from another wallet?
Yes, but only passphrases that meet NGRAVE’s requirements: maximum 512 lowercase alphanumeric characters. You can simply import your 24 word seed and add the passphrase via settings.

Beware that change addresses from Ledger/Trezor are not compatible with ZERO yet, so you might not see all your balances.

Is the passphrase stored on the ZERO?
No. Whenever you use a passphrase, a new wallet is generated ‘on the fly’. ZERO doesn’t know which passphrases are valid/real. As a consequence, the passphrase can neither be hacked or restored from your ZERO.

Metamask Integration

What will the integration look like in my Metamask wallet?
The integration will create a new account in Metamask for each (ZERO) coin you want to add. You will be able to sync with your MetaMask wallet the same way as you would sync with our LIQUID mobile app. You can then create and manage as many ETH addresses as you want on your MetaMask.
However, this time the private keys associated with those addresses will not be stored by MetaMask on your computer but on your ZERO. If you want to sign a transaction, MetaMask will present you with a QR code that you will need to scan with your ZERO to sign it.

Is the integration compatible with the MetaMask browser extension and the mobile app?
Yes. The integration will support both the MetaMask browser extension and the MetaMask mobile app.

What new possibilities will this integration unlock?
You will be able to manage the accounts on your ZERO and do transactions via Metamask without the need to transfer them first. You can also manage your smart contracts (for staking or farming, for example) and ÐApps, but only for coins and chains supported by ZERO and Metamask.

NFT support

At first we will support ETH based NFT’s, shortly after that we’ll add support for SOL-based NFT too. Using the LIQUID app, you will be able to display NFT’s, view their properties and send them.

>> Support for ETH-based NFT's was added in LIQUID 1.5.0, released on June 8th.
>> Also see

BTC Multisig

You will be able to use the ZERO as a co-signer. This means that you can designate bitcoin addresses on the ZERO as 1 of those required signers. ZERO will be able to read and independently verify those transactions.

At first, those multisignature addresses will have to be created by third party wallets that include advanced bitcoin features such as multisig address creation (Specter, Electrum, Sparrow). Eventually we will also provide the option to create such addresses from within ZERO wallets directly.

Fiat On Ramp

This feature will enable you to buy and sell crypto directly from the LIQUID app. To be able to use this feature, you’ll need to complete a KYC process. If you don’t buy or sell via the app, KYC is not required.