Install firmware updates via command line

  • The examples in this tutorial are written with firmware version 1.5. Keep in mind that the filenames will be different for each new firmware version.
  • You will need administrator rights on your computer to do this.

Before you install a firmware update that you downloaded yourself we recommend to verify the firmware update archive, as explained in this article: Verify firmware updates yourself.

Step 1 - Unpack the archive file of the update

This will result in a new folder with 6 files:

  • zero-upgr-production-v1.5-4.rc.tar
    This is an archive with the actual update files. Don’t unpack this.
  • fastboot-linux
  • fastboot-mac
  • fastboot-windows.exe
    The fastboot files are used to enable communication between your computer and your ZERO. There is version for Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • AdbWinApi.dll
  • AdbWinUsbApi.dll
    The 2 .dll files are required for Windows

Step 2 - Open the location where you unpacked the archive file of the update in a command line window 

In Finder, select a folder, right-click it and select Services >> New Terminal at Folder.

You can verify that you are in the correct location by displaying the content of the folder with this command:

ls -al

This will show you the 6 files that you just unpacked and confirms that you are in the correct directory.

Step 3 - Connect your ZERO to your computer and activate update mode

Step 4 - In the command line window,double check that your ZERO is recognised

Use this command: 

./fastboot-mac devices -l

Something like this should show:

1.0.0. fastboot usb:1114112X

This confirms that your ZERO is found.

Step 5 - Now you can perform the update
Use this command:

./fastboot-mac sfu zero-upgr-production-v1.5-4.rc.tar

This will install the update on your ZERO. This may take 5-10 minutes to complete.
DO NOT unplug your ZERO while this is running.

When you see the command prompt again, the firmware update is finished. The output will look like this:

Sending 'zero-upgr-production-v1.5-4.rc.tar' (114710 KB)	OKAY [ 25.931s]
program package					(bootloader) sfu init
program package                                    (bootloader) sfu init
(bootloader) sfu update
(bootloader) sfu final
OKAY [223.164s]
Finished. Total time: 294.116s


Now you can turn off your ZERO by pressing the power button for 5 seconds. When you start it up again, you can verify which firmware version you're running via Settings >> About this device.