Best practices for your ZERO’s battery

The ZERO comes with a built-in 1200 mAH battery, similar to those used in smartphones, that is UN38.3 and IEC62133 certified and requires 500mA to charge. Ideally, you use the USB cable that came with the ZERO and a wall charger. Some USB-ports or USB-hubs may not provide enough power.

After +- 4 hours the battery will be charged 100%. Leaving it to charge overnight poses no risk to the battery. But you also shouldn’t keep charging it for days on end.

We recommend turning your ZERO off after using it. If you leave it in standby mode, the battery will slowly drain. When you use it again you’ll notice that the battery is lower, but you can use the ZERO just as well while it’s charging.

To turn off your ZERO, you can press the power button for 5 seconds. 

The following will have only limited impact, but for optimal battery life it is recommended to fully charge it every 3 months. For long-term storage a charge of 60% is ideal.

Battery FAQ  

Should I pre-charge the battery when I receive my ZERO?

No, this is not needed. Your ZERO should arrive with the battery charged 60-100%.

How long should the battery last?

Depending on how intensive the ZERO is used, the battery should certainly last 2.5 hours.

An exact battery percentage has been added in firmware version 1.5, so you have more precise information about the battery status.

What is the life expectancy of the battery?

The ZERO's battery is probably the part that's most prone to wear and tear. After 1.000 charges, the battery will still have 90% of its capacity. For a smartphone with the same battery, it would take 3 years to get to that level.

Typical hardware wallet use is much less intensive than smartphones, so in theory it will take more years.

Can the battery be replaced?

No. As a security measure, the ZERO was specifically designed so that it can’t be opened easily. Trying to do so will reset the device and will more than likely result in permanent damage to the touch screen.

In case there is a problem with the battery in your ZERO, we will replace your device. The ZERO has a warranty period of 2 years, which should be more than enough to detect any battery issues.

Can I charge the battery using a quick charger?

Yes you can. The power management protects the battery from overcharging. QuickCharge-type chargers shouldn’t give any issues, but they will also not make the battery charge faster.