Create and use a passphrase wallet

The passphrase may not be a very advanced feature, but it is important to understand how it works. It can help protect your private keys from accidental or malicious exposure. But if you forget or lose a passphrase, then you will lose access to the associated funds.

See Passphrase FAQ

To use a passphrase wallet, you will always need a ‘main’ wallet with a Perfect Key or seed phrase. You can only have 1 wallet opened on your ZERO. But in the LIQUID app, you can have multiple wallets synced.


After you’ve set up your main wallet on ZERO, you can open or create a passphrase wallet via Settings -> Passphrase. The first time you do this, you’ll be presented with an information screen about this feature. Tick the checkbox to proceed.

You’ll then need to enter and confirm your passphrase.
A passphrase on ZERO is between 1 and 512 characters long and can be made up of all the available characters on the keyboard. Passphrases are case-sensitive and spaces count as characters.

This will land you on the dashboard of the passphrase wallet where you can add coins and accounts, just as in your main wallet. An icon on the top left of your ZERO dashboard indicates that you have a passphrase wallet opened.

A passphrase wallet will also have less settings than your main wallet. You can only access settings related to your passphrase wallet. For example the PIN- and 2FA settings are linked to your ZERO, not to individual wallets. When asked for your PIN or fingerprint, it is always the same one.


You can have multiple wallets synced with the LIQUID app at the same time. That includes passphrase wallets or even wallets from other ZERO’s. It is worth considering which wallets you keep synced from a security perspective.

Syncing works the same as normally (see Demo: Sync your ZERO with the LIQUID app). After syncing a new wallet, you can give it a name and an avatar. Tap on a wallet name to switch wallets.

The settings of the app apply to all wallets, except the settings to hide accounts and NFT’s.