How does swapping work?

There are 3 ways on how you can initiate a swap in LIQUID

  1. Using the swap button on top of your main portfolio screen.
  2. Via the coin or token detail page, where all you accounts are displayed
  3. Or via a specific account detail page

Once you interact with the swap button, you will be directed to the Exchange screen where you can select the account you want to swap from and the asset you want to receive in exchange for that.

You will have a chance to choose between a Fixed and Floating rate:

  • Fixed Rate: With fixed rate, you will receive the exact amount of crypto you see on the screen.
    This rate will be updated every 30 seconds to reflect the market conditions.
  • Floating Rate: The floating rate can change at any point due to market conditions, so you might receive more or less crypto than expected.

See What is the difference between fixed and floating rates?

The next step is reviewing your transaction. Scan the QR code with your ZERO and before you sign, verify that the amount, fee, from and to match. The ‘to’ address will be Changelly’s account.

Once you have scanned and signed the transaction with ZERO you can scan the QR code on ZERO with your LIQUID to broadcast the transaction to the blockchain
Be aware that by signing this transaction you accept Changelly’s Terms and Conditions.

Once on the processing screen, you will be asked to take note of your Swap ID in case you need Changelly support.