How to select the coins you want in your wallet

During setup, Once the key generation process is complete or after you imported your key, you can choose which coins you want to add to your portfolio. 

You can simply tap on the symbol or you can tap the plus-sign and type in the name of the coin and it will be highlighted. Once you tap Next, all your coins will be available in an intuitive dashboard overview. Drag and drop to arrange the coins in the order you want. 

Add or hide accounts

At any time, you can add more coins by tapping the plus-sign. To hide coins you don't need anymore, you simply hide all the addresses of that coin.

Deleting an account/address is not possible. You can only hide it. If you hide all addresses of a coin, it will disappear from your dashboard. You'll need to do this both on your ZERO and LIQUID app because this information is not synchronised.

Keep in mind that deleting addresses is not possible on the blockchain, of course. When you create an address in a wallet, it is simply derived from your public or private key (depends on the coin). This is how so called 'Hierarchical Deterministic (HD)' wallets work.
As long as you don't send a transaction to it, the address doesn't really exist on the blockchain. It will only become part of the blockchain once you make a first transaction to it. From then on it will always be there and it an't be deleted. Even if you empty the balance and delete the address from your wallet.



How to add ERC20 or ESDT tokens?

You might notice that not all ERC20 & ESDT tokens are available on the ZERO dashboard. The most popular tokens are available on the dashboard, but not all 5.000 of them. Don’t worry, you can store them all on your ZERO. All you need to do is send them to one of your ETH or ESDT addresses. After synchronising your ZERO with your LIQUID app, they will appear in LIQUID with the correct logo.

How does this work? ERC20 tokens are stored on ETH addresses and ESDT tokens are stored on the MultiversX chain (formerly named Elrond). Just like tokens on other chains are stored on addresses of the main coin on that chain.

Remember that to transact your ERC20 token, you’ll need to have some ETH on that address to pay for the gas fee. Likewise, to transact ESDT tokens you need to have EGLD on the same address to pay for the fee.

Important: Do not send your tokens over any other network than ERC20 or ESDT
For now, other chains are not supported yet on ZERO. Other EVM-based chains like BSC and POLYGON use the same address format as ERC20 tokens, but your transactions will not show on ZERO unless you use the ERC20 network.