Demo: Create a wallet

Since firmware v 1.5 you can only generate a wallet with the Perfect Key format.
If you want to make a backup of 24 words instead, you can do so after setting up your wallet. Both the Perfect Key and 24 word seed phrase versions of your backup can be found via Settings → Display secret key.

Set up your ZERO for the first time and create your very own NGRAVE Perfect Key. The most secure way in the market to create your own wallet. Oh, and it's so easy!

To get started, you will be guided through these steps:

Then select Create a wallet on the Choose your wallet screen to proceed with creating your wallet.

1. Make the key truly yours

Based on the randomness, generated by the internal chip, combined with your fingerprint, personalised keys are generated on the spot.

  • You can now freeze and unfreeze key values. After doing this a few times, continue by taping the Next button.
  • You can now select groups of 8 characters and shuffle their values while the other part of the key remains the same. You can repeat this as many times as you like.

This interaction with the key ensures that you and you alone have seen and know the value of your key.

2. Make a backup

In the next step you will see your personalized key, created fully offline and seen by you alone.

  • Before you continue, you first have to make a backup of your key, as it is crucial to be able to recover your assets if you break or lose your ZERO.
  • You can do this with GRAPHENE, or use the recovery paper that came with the box.
    Also see Demo: How to backup your NGRAVE "Perfect Key" on the GRAPHENE
  • Choose Use paper backup or Use GRAPHENE. The following screens will guide you through the process of making your backup.
3. Verify your backup

Having a backup of your wallet is a crucial part of keeping your crypto safe. But it is equally important to ensure that your backup is correct, otherwise it might be completely useless if you ever need it.

  • Fill in all the characters of your backup.
  • As soon as you enter a character that doesn’t match with your wallet, you’ll get an error message.
  • If that happens, click on the Correct error button to reveal which character it should be.
4. Set up your dashboard

You can now set up your dashboard.

  • Swipe through the coin list and tap each coin you want to add. You can also tap the plus-icon to do a quick search for your coin.

Also see How to select the coins you want in your wallet

5. Download, install and syncronise the LIQUID app

The last step is setting up the LIQUID mobile app.

  • To download and install the iOS or Android app, scan the first QR-code on the ZERO with your smartphone. Then open the app.
  • You will need to authenticate with your phones authentication method.
    The app will ask you to synchronise with your ZERO.
  • Scan the second QR-code on your ZERO to import the app and import all your accounts.
    During the synchronisation only the public keys are being transferred to the app. Your private keys remain safely offline on the ZERO.

Also see Demo: Sync your ZERO with the LIQUID app

With the app, you can from now on consult the real-time status and value of your accounts as well as receive and send transactions.