Demo: How to backup your NGRAVE "Perfect Key" on the GRAPHENE?

You can back up the NGRAVE key on the GRAPHENE backup plates.

If you do not own a GRAPHENE you can choose to back up your key on a piece of paper, but this is less durable and not the recommended approach.

1. Create a Perfect Key

When creating your NGRAVE wallet (or Perfect Key), in step 4 you will need to confirm your final key. You will then see a screen asking you to have your GRAPHENE ready.

Also see Demo: Create an NGRAVE wallet with a "Perfect Key"

Note that, if you don’t have a GRAPHENE, you can instead use the durable paper that came with the box.

When you tap Next, the ZERO will show you the first 8 characters to punch in your GRAPHENE. As your key consists of 64 characters in total, split over 8 groups of each 8 characters, we have also divided the GRAPHENE in 8 sections to make it really easy for you to back up your key.

2. Punch the holes in your GRAPHENE

To get started first take the bottom plate. This is the plain metal plate that does not have any holes in it. Put it on a table with the logo facing down. Then take the upper plate and pt it on top of the lower plate. Use the four indents to perfectly place your upper plate in the lower one. Make sure the Ultimate Recovery Code is visible on the bottom right corner.

We are now going to punch in the first character of your key.

To do this, look at the first character you see on the ZERO screen. Now look in the first column on your GRAPHENE and find that character. Put the GRAPHENE punch pen in the hole to the right of that character. Put both hands on the punch pen and push until you hear a click. You will now see a punched hole.

Repeat this process for the remaining characters shown on the ZERO screen. Then swipe left on your ZERO to display the 2nd block of 8 characters. This corresponds to the 2nd block on your GRAPHENE. Punch out the new 8 holes again.
Continue doing this for your full key.

When you’re finished, you will see you full ZERO key.

3. Store the plates separately

You can now split the plates.

Please keep each plate at different physical location. This will increase the security of your backup. If someone finds just 1 of the GRAPHENE plates, they will not be able to reconstruct your key. Not even a part of it.

Finally, we have foreseen an Ultimate Recovery Code for the event you would lose your upper plate. You can find this code on the bottom right of your upper plate. Please make a backup of this code. For example in a password manager or on paper and keep it safe. This code will allow you to contact our customer support and recover your upper plate.