Demo: receiving transactions

To receive a transaction, you can either scan the QR code of the address or copy paste the address.

Receive a transaction using the LIQUID app

Tap on the coin for which you wish to receive a transaction, then tap on the relevant account. In the account overview screen, tap on the Receive button. You’ll now see your full address, both as text and as a QR- code.

From here, you can copy the address to the clipboard to share it with your counterparty. Or have your counterparty scan the QR-code

Receive a transaction using the ZERO

You can also use your ZERO to receive transactions. In the dashboard, tap on the coin for which you wish to receive funds, then tap on the Receive button of the relevant account. You now have a QR- code that you can share with your counterparty.

Always double check your transactions

Please note that a good security practice is to always double check the address to make sure the funds will be sent to the correct account.

Also, to avoid the permanent loss of your coins, always double check that you’re sending the right currency to the right address. For example, only send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address and Ethereum to an Ethereum address.