Can I export transactions or my XPUB?

Be aware that your public keys reveal all your addresses and transaction history.

You can’t export a list of your transactions, but it is possible to export your XPUBs.

Click on your wallet icon in the LIQUID app to open the wallet overview, click the 3 dots and then select Export Public Keys. Here you can copy/paste the XPUBs of all your coins and tokens.

What is an XPUB?

XPUB stands for Extended Public Key. It is part of the BIP 32 standard, which allows for hierarchical deterministic wallets. XPUBs are extended in the sense that they can be used to generate a series of child public keys. Each of these child public keys corresponds to a private key, derived from a single seed.

You can think of a hierarchical deterministic wallet like ZERO as a tree structure. There is a master public/private key pair for your whole wallet, derived public/private key pairs for each coin in your wallet and derived public/private key pairs for each address. Your master private key is represented in your backup and it can be used to reconstruct your whole wallet.

What can I use an XPUB for?

An XPUB can only be used for ‘watch only’ purposes. With an XPUB, all your addresses can be calculated. But it doesn’t allow access to the funds on these addresses. The private key, required for spending, never leaves your ZERO. In other words: by sharing your XPUB you give up your privacy but it is not a security risk.

XPUBs can be used in tax reporting software like Waltio and portfolio tracking software.