Troubleshooting: ZERO not found

If the update tool doesn’t recognize your ZERO or the update fails, please check these things.

  • A first thing to check, just to be sure, the ZERO should be in update mode (with the red LED on and the screen off). Otherwise the USB-port on the ZERO is disabled and will never be found when you connect it to a computer. 
  • Make sure that you only connect the ZERO when you are in step 4 of the update process. For it to be discovered, you need to connect it while it is powered off & then activate update mode while staying connected. If you connect your ZERO sooner, there is a chance it doesn’t get discovered.
  • We recommend using the USB-C cable that was delivered with your ZERO.
    If you want to use another cable, make sure it is USB 2.0 to USB-C.
  • Make sure the Update Tool is up-to-date. You can check this in the Release Notes in step 2, which should show the details of latest firmware version. 
    If needed, uninstall the current version of the tool, then download the latest version ( and install it.

To turn off your ZERO while it is in update mode, you can press the power button for 5-10 seconds. DO NOT do this while your device is connected to your computer and updating.