The LIQUID app doesn't work on my phone, what do I need to do?

Delete the LIQUID app and then reinstall it. If this still doesn't work, contact us via
If you have an older phone, first make sure it is supported. See "Can I install the LIQUID app on an older phone?"

Error "Device unsafe"

This error indicates your phone does not require authentication to unlock (PIN, fingerprint, etc.). For now, you have to enable some sort of authentication on your phone to be able to use the LIQUID app.

The LIQUID app uses system settings to unlock, so if your phone does not have them configured, you will not be able to access the app. We encrypt your public data in the phone's secure storage. Therefore, we require a method of authentication to store and retrieve your public keys.

We will soon be adding our own PIN entry screen, so you will no longer need to have a PIN for the phone.